Mozzart Offers Free Spins for New Players

Mozzart Bet’s Exciting Promotion: Free Spins and Free Bets for New Players

Mozzart Bet has launched an exciting promotion for new players, making online gaming more rewarding. From Monday, May 1st, 2024, newly registered players who deposit at least 1,000 KES and spin within seven days will receive 40 free spins on Mozzart Bonanza and a 200 KES free bet on Aviator. Each spin is valued at 5 KES.

Players depositing between 200 and 999 KES within seven days will receive 20 free spins and a 100 KES free bet on Aviator. Each spin in this category is also valued at 5 KES.

To participate, players must deposit the required amount in one go. The bonus free spins are awarded only once, offering an excellent opportunity for new players to enjoy the excitement of Mozzart Bet’s online games.

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