Lucky Spin Double Wild
  • Idea - 7.3/10
  • Graphics - 7.1/10
  • Sounds - 6.5/10
  • Bonus - 8.1/10
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Explore the captivating world of Lucky Spin Double Wild, boasting a 94.05% RTP and crafted by Aspect Gaming for an immersive online slot experience. Transport yourself to an oriental ambiance where style meets game mechanics seamlessly, offering avid gamers a thrilling adventure.

With 30 active pay lines, the potential for substantial wins is abundant, reaching an impressive 1600 times your initial stake. However, the true gem of this slot lies in its standout feature—the Bonus Reel. Suspended above the main 5×3 playing field, this additional 1×3 reel enhances your chances of hitting the highest win multiplier of x1600.

Embark on a journey into traditional Chinese aesthetics and test your luck with Lucky Spin Double Wild. The perfect blend of design and winning potential awaits, making each spin an exciting step into a world of possibilities!


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Let’s delve into the enchanting world of symbols in the Lucky Spin Double Wild slot game:

  1. Kid Symbol: The playful kid symbol brings joy to the reels, offering various multipliers from 2x to an impressive 33.333x for landing 5 in a row.
  2. Dragon Symbol: Unleash the power of the dragon! This symbol grants wins ranging from 0.166x to 16.666x, adding a fiery touch to your spins.
  3. Toad Symbol: Hop into wins with the toad symbol, providing multipliers of 0.166x to 8.333x. Its charming appearance might just bring you good fortune.
  4. Fish Symbol: Dive into luck with the fish symbol, offering multipliers from 0.333x to 6.666x. Watch as your wins swim in with each spin.
  5. Flowers Symbol: Blooming with potential, the flowers symbol rewards players with multipliers of 0.333x to 6.666x. A vibrant addition to the reels.
  6. A Symbol: The A symbol represents Ace, delivering multipliers of 0.333x to 5x. A high-value symbol that can lead to exciting rewards.
  7. K Symbol: The regal K symbol comes with multipliers of 0.333x to 5x. Get ready for royal rewards as you spin the reels.
  8. Q Symbol: Queen of the symbols, the Q symbol offers multipliers from 0.166x to 3.333x. A symbol of elegance and potential winnings.
  9. J Symbol: The J symbol adds a touch of charm, providing multipliers of 0.166x to 3.333x. Elegant and rewarding with every appearance.
  10. 10 Symbol: The 10 symbol completes the lineup with multipliers of 0.166x to 1.666x. Even in simplicity, it contributes to the excitement of the game.
  11. 9 Symbol: The 9 symbol wraps up the symbols list, offering multipliers from 0.166x to 1.666x. A modest yet valuable addition to your spins.

Bonus Features

Wild Symbols

Experience the thrill of the free-to-play Lucky Spin Double Wild slot machine with its dynamic wild symbols. Two distinctive icons, the red portrait adorned with gold Asian inscriptions and the green gourd, serve as powerful wilds in this game. These wild symbols have the remarkable ability to substitute for all regular symbols across the reels.

The red portrait icon takes its prowess further by exclusively substituting for icons on the bonus reel, enhancing your chances of triggering bonus features. Meanwhile, the green gourd wild is dedicated to the base reel, adding an extra layer of excitement to standard gameplay. Whenever either of these wilds contributes to a winning line, the payout for that line receives a generous 2x multiplier, elevating your potential rewards.

Bonus Reel Feature

Elevating the gaming experience is the bonus reel, a unique addition sitting atop the standard 5×3 reel grid. This additional row, comprised of three grid positions, serves as the bonus reel, bringing an extra layer of anticipation to each spin. Exclusively designated for bonus symbols, the bonus reel introduces a new dimension to the game.

Only bonus symbols land on this extra row, each payout determined by the bonus reel paytable. Brace yourself for enhanced excitement and potentially lucrative rewards as the bonus reel unveils its offerings. The interplay between the main reel grid and the bonus reel adds a strategic element to your gameplay, ensuring that every spin is filled with suspense and the promise of significant wins.


In conclusion, the Lucky Spin Double Wild slot offers a captivating and rewarding gaming experience. With its vibrant array of symbols, including powerful wilds that multiply your wins, the game brings an exciting twist to traditional slot play. The bonus reel feature adds an extra layer of anticipation and strategy, making each spin a thrilling adventure.