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1xBet Kenya delivers a complete experience to its customers, offering plenty of sports betting, games, and other products. And since most operators are now delivering the same games from the big software providers, 1xBet decided to take another approach. They developed a wide range of unique games in the 1xGames category that offer players an exclusive experience and chances to win big prizes. Using the same innovative approach, 1xBet developed plenty of unique games that cover multiple themes and gameplay mechanics so that the players have an amazing time.

Cashback Bonuses and Regular Jackpots with 1xGames

1xBet does not only offer you a wide selection of unique games but while you are enjoying your favorite titles, there are also numerous rewards you can get. For starters, the majority of 1xGames have a jackpot attached to it. You have the chance to win the jackpot hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly so that’s one more reason why enjoying the 1xGames is such a rewarding experience.

On top of the jackpots attached to the games, you also enjoy a permanent cashback bonus. It works like this, you choose two favorite games and you will automatically get a 3% cashback bonus on everything you play on them. Furthermore, 1xBet will also choose a random game each month that gives you a 5% cashback bonus. And, if your total wagering on those two games you selected as your favorites, goes over €343, the cashback bonus jumps to 5% on those as well!

Here are four of the newest and most popular 1xGames added in the 1xBet collection. Chem them out to know what to expect when playing.

Hot Dice

Hot Dice is a dice game in which you will need to guess the sum of the dice rolled on the screen. To get the game started, you need to select the stake for a roll. Then, you roll the dice and can choose one of the betting options on the screen:

  • Over
  • Under
  • Over or Equal to
  • Under or Equal to

Your guess applies to the next roll of dice and the betting options are applied to the current sum on screen. Make the correct guess and you can increase your stake with up to 30 times if you manage to get 5 correct predictions in a row. Play Hot Dice, guess the sum of the dice and win big with this unique 1xGame!

Jungle Secrets

Just like the name suggests, Jungle Secrets will take you into an adventure filled with wild animals and mysterious jungles. To start the game, you need to choose an animal. You also have the option of choosing a color to increase your winning chances. Select your stake when you’re ready and when the wheels stop, if the arrow is pointing towards your animal, you win. The total win is determined by the odd of the chosen animal and the multiplier of the color you chose. Explore the jungle and discover its hidden treasures with Jungle Secrets at 1xBet!

Royal Hi-Lo

In Royal Hi-Lo you are a distinguished guest at a luxurious party surrounded by kings and queens. You start the game by choosing the stake and placing a bet. Once your bet is placed, you receive four cards. Check out the first one and try to guess if the next one is higher or lower. When you guess right, your stake gets multiplied with the odds specified in the game. After a correct guess, you can continue the game until you decide to collect.

Gems Odyssey

If you’re after a unique slot game, Gems Odyssey gives you the experience you are looking for. There are 6 types of gems on 25 cells that spin randomly and you need to click on 3 consecutive matching symbols, vertically or horizontally. As you click, the symbols disappear and fill the bar for each symbol in part. If the scale bar is full, at the end of the game your stake will be increased by the specified odds. Each gem has its own value and the green ones can give you 5 times your stake for an amazing experience.

Discover all the 1xGames and enjoy the bonuses and rewards 1xBet prepared for you. There are more than 100 titles to choose from and you’ll definitely have a great time. Create an account with 1xBet and start winning!

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